Thursday, May 19, 2022

Moms in the Metaverse: Unilever pioneers an all-new mommy community experience through Baby Dove’s #RealMomsVillage

Let’s face it—taking care of a baby isn’t always easy even for the most experienced moms, let alone first-time ones. Indeed, there’s nothing more uplifting than being able to connect with other moms who are going through the same journey.


Moms in search of honest-to-goodness interactions with other moms will soon be able to do so in the virtual space through U-COINVille, a metaverse environment by Unilever Philippines, which asserts yet again their industry leadership excellence by innovating and pioneering the Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage—a new mommy community that offers mothers a one-of-a-kind and enriching experience.


Envisioned as a virtual hub where moms can gather and thrive in parenthood, the Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage is manifested as a game-changing experience for moms who wish to delve deeper into childcare and adventure at the same time. The Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage will allow them to immerse themselves in a whole new level of experience together with fellow moms who share the same goals and aspirations of having a breathing space while still giving the best for their children. 


Spend time with fellow moms and be captivated by its immersive virtual hubs such as Care Cafe where one can go on a mission to talk to moms and convince them to give the best for their babies through real


parenting tips and Baby Dove products. Hang out at the Baby Dove Real Care Center where they can enjoy baby bath time while learning what products are suitable for their child’s skin. Aside from these, two other virtual hubs are launching in June and July—truly exciting times ahead!





Playing in the Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage is truly worth mommies’ time—on one hand, they learn about the best of the best for their babies; on the other, they get to enjoy real-life rewards.


The Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage is part of the newly-launched U-COINVille, which is Unilever Philippines’ very first metaverse environment. U-COINVille welcomes consumers to more adventures and personalized experiences with beloved Unilever brands such as Baby Dove, POND’S, and more. This immersive virtual space allows users to socialize, shop, and play and learn to earn. Moreover, in U-COINVille, they are not just simply playing—they can also get real-life rewards, vouchers, and other incentives by exchanging the U-COINs they get while exploring the metaverse and trying out the different features within it.



“It’s always been our mission to live our purpose and offer opportunities for more meaningful connections through our products. We have seen a real opportunity of delivering functional expertise and emotional connections at once,” said Ariadne Umali, Baby Dove Business Performance Executive at Unilever Philippines.


Sharmaine Aquilino, Skin Digital Excellence Lead, added, “This innovation in the real and virtual realms is us taking one step forward to a more progressive space where we go beyond nourishing their baby’s skin by letting moms flourish in all ways possible.”


The Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage is launching on May 23. To play, just follow these steps:


  1. Visit

  2. Register with your mobile number or if you're an existing U-COIN user, you can log in with your account.

  3. Look for Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage. You can explore the other virtual hubs too, like U-Marketplace, U-Ditorium, U-Home, and POND’S Summer Escape!

  4. Start exploring to learn and earn rewards!


Be the best mommy at the Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage—a one-of-a-kind place made especially for dedicated, loving moms who deserve a much-needed breathing space that is also a learning environment. Unwind, socialize, and be productive all at once while discovering a unique and purposeful parenting journey.


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