Monday, February 1, 2021

The Hanabishi Air Fryer Oven Is Your 6-in-1 Cooking Partner


If you’re looking for an air fryer that would give you more bang for your buck, the Hanabishi Air Fryer Oven is the product to invest on. That’s because apart from its excellent air frying capability, it also has roasting and baking features. It can boil, broil, and toast as well.


“It’s like your 6-in-1 cooking partner,” said Cherish Ong-Chua, Vice President for Finance and Marketing of Hanabishi Appliances. “You can make different dishes everyday for your household or business.”


With a 23-liter capacity, the Hanabishi Air Fryer Oven is large enough to air fry up to 3 lbs of meat, toast 6 slices of bread, and bake a 4-lb chicken or 12” pizza.


Easy to use, it has an adjustable thermostat and 60-minute timer with a bell ring and an automatic shut off. It also operates quietly.


The Hanabishi Air Fryer Oven is built with pure stainless steel housing and comes with an air fryer basket, baking pan, and oven rack. Its baking rack has a dimension of 320 x 280 mm.


“Air fryers have become a staple in most homes during the new normal because of the convenience they offer. Most importantly, air frying has been seen as one of the best ways to prepare healthy food,” Ong-Chua said.


If you want a standalone air fryer, Hanabishi offers it, too.


Along with air frying, baking is also experiencing a boom during the new normal. Whether you’re doing it as a hobby or to earn an income, the Hanabishi Air Fryer Oven can help you in making your breads and pastries.


You can purchase the Hanabishi Air Fryer Oven at leading appliance stores and through Hanabishi’s online store, To learn more about Hanabishi’s latest product offerings and promos, follow its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.




About Hanabishi:


Spanning more than three decades, Hanabishi has established its reputation as a provider of affordable yet quality home products that lasts, which paved the way for its tagline “Kapartner from Start to Forever.” Hanabishi Home Appliances are available at leading appliance stores nationwide. For more information about Hanabishi, please visit like them on Facebook:




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