Saturday, July 4, 2020

Adae The Explorer : Bartering is Fun

Life is full of sweet discoveries. And one thing I recently discovered is the word BARTER in action.  Of course, I've heard the word before and been hearing it lately from the news, from the Facebook timelines of friends and others. Now this is a new thing for me to explore. I am actually and presently learning The Art of Barter!

It all started from a chat with a friend who's into bartering since the time of Enhanced Community Quarantine period. Bartering made her able to put food on their table. I got so curious and excited. I remember doing some series of reducing our stuff at home and tried selling it online. But to no avail, it was not that easy to dispose second hand items for a reasonable cost.

The Art of Barter is a delight as I see it. You simply exchange your items or goods without shelling out cash from your pocket. The sweet thing about it, you also get what you like. It's a good way to unload our unwanted things and have it swapped with something that we like and lucky what we need.

Now sharing with you my successful barter transactions. At first, I posted my items on my timeline with an album entitled "Swap It", unfortunately, I only got one from a church friend. She's finding  cooking pots for her induction cooker. So i offered my non-stick grill pan that I barely use. She offered her pot that she can't use because it's not designed for induction stove. Perfect! We then decided to swap our cookware! She booked and I booked thru a courier. We're both happy! Then that's the start of my bartering journey.

My first actual barter from an online barter group happened week after my first Swap It.  I posted my items and I got some responses. Two barter in one day! What a happy day.  But before that, a day before, I was surprised that my posts were all barred. It was because I replied to someone on the comment to at least find other item she can offer because my item is worth 4K and it's brand new. Which is a No, No! I missed reading the rules, out of so much excitement. Good thing, my two items and the barters contacted me thru private messaging. That's when we're able to continue with our deals. Lesson learned, don't forget to read the rules.

BARTER #1 from my toilet organizer to a bag of Korean noodles!

BARTER #2 from shoe boxes to earphone, mic and succulents

BARTER #3 from native lamp to snake plants


BARTER #4 from my grocery bag to plants

BARTER #5 from my Himalayan Lamp to Monstera Pinnata

I really enjoy bartering! It's quite entertaining. You'll get to see other people's stuff that are extra ordinary, ordinary, and even out of this world. This old ways of trading is now on its popularity again. We can get what we want by offering what we have. We can now turn our unused collection to get something that we need.

How to BARTER?

1. Ready your stuff, unwanted things, unused for more than 6 months anything you do not find useful at all. Organize. Declutter. Let go.
2. Clean it up if it has been stored for quite a long time.
3. Choose items that are still in good condition not to disappoint your co-barter
4. Find a group (Online Group). Read and stick with the rules.
    Sample rules:
   A.No mentioning of the actual price or value of the item
   B. No cash involve etc
5. Join the groups within your area to avoid shipping fees.
6. If you are not willing to spend for the shipping, make it a meet-up thing.
7. Be careful. Stay safe.

Here's an example of my post where I'm just a new member.

Yes, I'll say it again "Bartering is fun! You just need to also learn the art of letting go. 

photo borrowed online
photo borrowed online
And if we'll look at God perspective....

Happy Bartering! Happy letting go! God bless!

Feel free to comment below. 

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