Saturday, September 28, 2019

Tummy Finds: The GRID Food Market, Rockwell

Family time is eating time. And we, The ANG Foodie family are always ready and on the look-out of what’s new around the area.  

We discovered something new from our recent visit to Powerplant Mall in Rockwell. From a far, I saw a bright, shiny and sophisticated corner called The GRID and I’ll classify it as high-end food court. It’s not the typical food court that we see around the malls. I find the place sleek and classy yet contemporary. One interesting part of this food market was the almost identical stalls. They all look the same unlike other food market where we see huge icons or colorful backgrounds and logos. At The Grid, there’s no individual branding to get confused with, you’ll get to focus more on the food.  Sometimes, the loud signage and decors of the stalls can give you hard time deciding what food to pick.

The Grid is located at the 2nd floor expansion wing of Rockwell. There are 12 identical stores to explore, depending on your mood or cravings for the day. The Grid Food Market is a place for delightful dining experience. I really love their concept of serving great food from established players in the local food league. It’s not actually a fast food because they serve real time fresh flashy dishes.

Going straight to our gastronomic lunch experience, we enjoyed every bite of the food and every sip of the Sangria.

The Grid offers familiar tastes such as Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Spanish, American, and Filipino cuisines, as well as stalls serving coffee, cocktails and pastries.

We're able to try the following food stalls...

Stall 3 Tsukemen, Abura Soba & Ramen by TSUKE-MEN

If you're looking for Japanese rice bowls, you must try these three. The Tendon Tempura is a complete meal of seafood bowl. I really like everything inside my bowl, it has fish, eggplant, crab stick, and of course the tempura with the head! The Katsudon and Gyudon satisfied our hungry young foodie.

Tendon Tempura Php 365

Gyudon Php 320

Katsudon Php280

Stall 5 Korean Chicken, Kimchi and Bulgogi by GOCHU-GANG

And if you are up for Korean night, stall number 5 will surely cover your cravings. We decided to try their common dishes such as Japchae, beef stew, spicy noodles, and Samgyupsal. The Pork Samgyupsal will rock your taste buds, they serve marinated grilled pork along with kimchi and fresh lettuce. You'll enjoy this if your not in the mood to do your own grilling. While the "Fire" noodles can set your mouth on fire, be sure to ready yourself before it landed to your mouth.

“Fire” Noodles Php 330

Japchae Php 290

Korean Beef Stew Php 340

Pork Belly Samgyupsal Php 430

Stall 7 Laksa, Asian BBQ, & Chicken Rice by BABU

I tried a little bit of everything. My top pick from this stall was the Classic Laksa, a bowl of seafood noodles with rich soup flavor. So perfect for rainy season. And if you are looking for a complete set meal, the Nasi chicken and salmon can surely fill up your empty stomach.

Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken Php 350

Crispy Spring Roll Php 165

Nasi Lemak Grilled Salmon Php 490

Classic Laksa Php 375

Stall 8 Tapas & Pintxos by RAMBLA 

RAMBLA, as well-known Spanish bar and restaurant have its own stall inside The Grid. Cold cuts paired with wine is the best afternoon Gambas, Jamon Serrano refreshing Sangria Croquetas de Jamon was filled with Chorizo with White Wine P550

Calamares Andaluza Php 290

Gambas al Ajillo Php 625

Jamon & Tortilla Php 250

Chorizo with White Wine Php 550

Croquetas de Jamon Php 170

Sisig Croquetas Php 190

Cold Cuts and Cheese platter from Happy Barrel (also by Rambla)

Workshop by Le Petit Souffle from Century Mall offers a variety of pastries that works well to capping your gastronomic adventure.

17- Layer Caramel Cake

Basque Cheesecake

17- Layer Strawberry Shortcake

The Grid 
R2 Level Expansion, Power Plant Mall, Makati
Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 11:00am – 10:00pm, 
Saturday-Sunday 11:00am – 11:00pm

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