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LICEALIZ : This Summer, Prepare Your Kids for the Great Outdoors!

Most kids today grew up dependent on technology. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, television, and other gadgets have and will always be a part of their childhood and lifestyle. However, this does not mean that we cannot let them experience the joys of riding a bike, playing tag, and lots of other activities that kids used to love doing outdoors, especially during the summer break.

While it is important to let your kids have fun under the sun, certain precautions must still be set to ensure that they are safe from harm and discomfort. Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo, together with several moms from various walks of life shared tips on how to arm their kids for a fun and safe day outdoors!

Protecting them from environmental risks

The outdoors can also cause harm to your kid if you do not take safety measures to avoid possible natural risks. “Of course, I worry that they could get diseases especially with the recent measles outbreak, but thankfully my kids are vaccinated, and that takes away a lot of stress and worry for us,” says mommy of three and children’s book author Teresa Dumadag.

If your kids will run around in the afternoon, be sure to put sunblock to protect them from harmful UV rays and bring mosquito repellent to keep dengue-carrying mosquitoes away. Mommy Laila, co-founder of lifestyle brand Elements of Tomorrow and mom of one, also says that it is important to dress according to the weather: “We let our child, Sid Nayon, play freely in nature whether it’s sunny or rainy. So of course we dress him accordingly so he is well-protected.”

Preparing for emergencies

For Mommy Teresa, prevention is better than cure. Whenever she and her husband take their three boys to the park, she always makes sure they are ready for whatever accidents and emergencies that may occur. “Just recently, my eldest son fell while running and wounded his knee. Thankfully, we had wet wipes to clean the wound and found a restroom he could wash it in,” she shared.

Meanwhile, Mommy Kaye, a part-time working mom with a three-year-old, says that she already has a bag of essentials prepared for whenever she goes out with her son, Riley: “The contents of the backpack include a small towel, wipes, alcohol, mosquito repellent patches, a bottle of water and an extra shirt.” Being prepared for emergencies can also give you that peace of mind and will let you enjoy alongside your kid.

Teaching your kids proper hygiene

While putting several safety measures for your kids is important, nothing is more effective than teaching your kids to take care of themselves. Mommy Heart Calimlim, virtual assistant and freelance writer,  says that she makes sure to explain to her kids the importance of proper hygiene: “It’s for their own sake. Kung hindi ko sila tuturuan na alagaan sarili nila, baka ikapahamak pa nila at lalo silang magkasakit (It’s for their own sake. If I don’t teach them to take care of themselves, it will cause more harm and they’re more likely to catch diseases).”

Washing hands right after playing is also an effective way to avoid germs. According to Mommy Kaye, “There’s always a feeling of paranoia, if I may call it, because playing outside brings a lot of germs, especially now that he’s in a phase where he keeps on biting his nails.” This is why right after playing, one of the first things Mommy Kaye does is to make Riley wash his hands to avoid illnesses caused by these germs.

Keeping it consistent at home

To support her son’s active and adventurous personality, Mommy Laila believes that protecting him is a daily and consistent thing: “We see to it that our kid is healthy in terms of their food. We only feed him plant-based and organic food so that when he plays outside, he’s not prone to sickness and he has strength.” Promoting a healthy diet as well as regular vitamin intake can build up your child’s strength so that he is ready to face everything when he plays outdoors.

Your kid should not be the only one being protected, but also the whole family. Mommy Teresa shared, “There was a time when we had a maid who had lice. She was the one taking care of my son so he also got head lice and so we had to buy head lice shampoo for the both of them.” Shampoo specifically made for head lice infestation is the best treatment you can give to your child. In case of head lice infestation, use Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo twice a week for two weeks, and once a week for prevention of head lice recurrence. That way, your child is safe from head lice infestation, especially when they interact with other kids.

At the end of the day, it is always our child’s happiness that we care about. Mommy Heart shared, “Ever since we started letting our kids play outside, I always see them happy and they really look forward to play time.” Taking the time to spend a whole day of playing outdoors with your kids is also a great opportunity to bond and of course, there is no better way for parents to show their love for their kids than to spend quality time with them.

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