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TOMOCHAN Ramen Express : Affordable Authentic Japanese Food

One gloomy afternoon,me and my young foodie daughter discovered a great find. It was our first time to have a taste of an authentic Japanese Ramen that can give us a reason to give in to our ramen craving anytime. TOMOCHAN Ramen Express is the answer to our affordable Japanese  dine-in or to-go ramen experience.

Talk about comfort food? Ramen is one of our favorites. A hot bowl of ramen can brighten up my day and my young foodie as well. And whenever I don't feel like cooking or preparing food for the family, dining out is my first solution. But budgeting still counts when eating out. We find Tomochan as wallet-friendly. We can now have ramen anytime of the day without worrying about my budget.

At Tomochan Ramen Express, you don’t need to think twice. They serve delicious and authentic ramen at reasonable prices without compromising its taste and quality. Why am I saying this? It is because, it usually cost around P300-P400 plus to get the best ramen in town. And having Tomochan Ramen is just as close to having a good bowl of ramen.

We’ve tried other ramen with the same price range as Tomochan and it has disappointed me many times. So I stopped trying. Good thing, we got to join the Media/Bloggers event one afternoon. And now the search is over.


Tomochan Ramen Express serves soy-based and miso-based broth ramen. If you go for a bit thick and creamy soup, you can try the miso-based with choices from Miso Basic at P129, Miso Vegee at P139, Spicy Miso Tantan at P159, and Miso Special at P169. And they have savory light soy-based broth that is composed of Shoyu Basic at P99 only, Shoyu Vegee at P109, Spicy Shoyu Tantan at P129, and Shoyu Special at P149. See, it's affordable!





To provide Filipino staple food which is rice, Tomochan also offers rice meals to complete the day of a true Filipino rice eater. Japanese rice meals available are Katsu mealChicken Karaage and Gyoza rice meal all at P79 only plus Katsudon P99 as new addition in the rice menu. Isn't it quite a steal?





Tomochan Ramen Express can be found mostly inside the office building or mall food court with this cute kiosK or booth. Where most people can go specially during lunch time or any meal time of the day. With Tomochan's competitive prices offered, anyone can afford to have a meal or two without waiting for the pay day treat. At Tomochan, you can have your daily ramen or rice meal cravings satisfied.

We visited the one located inside LKG building in Makati. Surrounded with different choices, Tomochan can be your mainstay meal.

ODYSSEY, LKG Tower, Makati City


TOMOCHAN RAMEN EXPRESS is founded by Akiko Okamoto. She wants to share the authentic Japanese delight to the Filipino community and to the rest of the world at reasonable price without sacrificing its quality and taste. 
Okamoto took the bold step of the journey by opening its first store in Angeles City, Pampanga on July 2017. She believes and lives with the undying dream that Tomochan Ramen Express will be the new "daily ramen" that every individual would consider as their ultimate comfort food.

The word "TOMOderived from the word Tomodachi, which is a Japanese term for 'a friend, while "CHANis being used for Miss/little children/close friends and sometimes even used for couples/loved ones.Thus,TOMOCHAN 
is a solid friendship that promotes love, loyalty and dedication.

Tomochan is the ultimate signature of Japan's best food experience that serves authentic Japanese food at a very reasonable price. Tomochan is also a sister branch of Kionchan: Japinoy desserts.
Tomochan Ramen Express aims to build a new Ramen Empire in the Philippines. Offering reachable and affordable prices with incomparable quality and feels of visiting Japan's food landmarks.

You can now begin your Ramen Empire Journey by simply getting a franchise of Tomochon Ramen Express through this link http://www.tomochan.com.ph/franchise.aspx

You can have your ramen for take-out or even for delivery, very convenient,right! #YourDailyJapaneseRamen.

             TOMOCHAN Delivery Schedule

Orders 9:00Am-10:30AM
Delivery 12:00PM-1:00PM
Orders 1:00PM-3:00PM
Delivery 4:00PM-5:00PM

LKG Tower, Makati City
Solenad Mall, Sta Rosa Laguna
New Point Mall, Angeles City
Marquee Mall, Angeles City
Fairview Terraces
Contact details:
Telephone #(045) 304-4353, 
Celfone # 09770635706 & 09154826019
Email: franchisetomochan@gmail.com
Facebook and Instagram via @tomochanph

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