Saturday, October 28, 2017

CHOCO MUCHO Ambassadors : Yassi Pressman & Tanner Mata gave so much joy to their fans

The heavenly date gave so much "kilig" to all the fans of the young and beautiful endorsers of Choco Mucho. For the record, this is the first meet and greet organized by Choco Mucho. Yassi Pressman & Tanner Mata made the event room a heaven on earth as they also showed their love to their fans.
The program was filled with exciting activities and games. #YassNer even serenaded the fans with their cute version of the songs they personally picked. What a way to start the celebration for their avid fans.
A short interview portion from the host and number of questions from the fans made the day more interesting as #YassNer shares their candid answers. It was also an opportunity for the fans to know more about their idol "LODI". Such a lovely couple.

Of course, there were games where Yassi and Tanner led their own team. It was a total fun! The fans got the chance to interact with their idol even just for this afternoon. They discovered more amazing things about #YassNer.

#YassNer are truly angels from heaven!

Thank you Choco Mucho !



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