Saturday, September 23, 2017

#FavoriteRamen : RAMEN NAGI now in South!

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when The United Bloggers Philippines head our way to the south for a food adventure together! Yes, Ramen Nagi is now here in the south! 

When it comes to what's new and what's hot, the foodies will never be late for that. No distance can stop us. We visited the newest branch of Ramen Nagi located at the Ayala Malls, Solenad Nuvali.  At the soft opening, we all had our tummy full!
Guess what, I know I have eaten ramen in the past, but nothing ever captured my picky tummy. Not until I met Ramen Nagi! The hot bowl of ramen can take away my sorrow... I meant hunger! Their bowl is actually good for sharing.  Though I'd rather finish it alone!

Take a look at this! Omotenashi sheet is the perfect way to customize your own bowl of ramen. You get to choose what you like, from the level of richness of your soup till the firmness of your noodles. You just need to use the red pen and encircle your choice. Isn't it awesome? You also have the option to get some extras, of course with extra charges too.


Pork Katsu Roll.  Yes, this roll Rocks! This is Mommy Foodie's favorite among the side dishes. Why? It's the effortless version of katsudon, just a chopsticks away.

Fried Prawns. And our tempura girl found her new love in this garden of lettuce.

If just in case you made a slight mistake on filling out your Omotenashi sheet, you have these tray of condiments to make things right.

Abi's choice
Our young foodie got the all-time favorite BUTAO King, it's the traditional pork-bone soup. This is the safest choice if you are new to your ramen experience. You will never go wrong with this one, as it will definitely give you more reason to try the other variant of ramen. Butao is already a winner, but once you try the others... that's for you to find out. By the way, the pork belly melts in your mouth. So tender that you only need to chew a little. You can order and extra pork belly too!

Dad's choice
Since foodie Mr. Ang is a carnivores, BUTAO KING was obviously his choice. My foodie hubby loves the intense flavor of the pork soup, yes, the milky tonkatsu broth can already make ask for more. He just added the level of spiciness from the condiments available. And of course, he finished it in no time!
Mom's choice

 And since I am the most foodie explorer among the three of us, I tried the dark side of ramen. The Butao soup mixed with squid ink and topped with garlic. It's so good! Defintely our #FavoriteRamen and an addition to my comfort food list...
Yes! It's official "The ANG Foodie Family are now Ramen Nagi fan!
What is so special with Ramen Nagi? It's divine!
South peeps, you can now enjoy the umami taste of Ramen Nagi!
Solenad 2 Nuvali. Sta. Rosa, Laguna
at The 30th Ayala Malls
For more information, visit their:Facebook Page:
Instagram Account:

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