Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Award-Winning Director Finds a Winning Home Entertainment Experience Like No Other Quark Henares unravels the latest Home Entertainment System by Sony

When it comes to a home entertainment system, award-winning film and music video director Quark Henares not only knows the intricacies of being behind the camera, he also has a passion for immersive theatre systems that allow him to watch his favorite shows and movies in the comfort of his living room.

“After a long day at work, relaxation for me is about being immersed in a movie or TV show,” shared Quark. “I am admittedly a guy who is a geek when it comes to gadgets, especially when it comes to putting together my home theatre system. Visual ‘life-like’ quality, rich colors, and crisp surround sound are things that are important to me.”

That’s why as soon as Quark got the latest Sony Home Entertainment products and hooked the system up in his home, the director couldn’t contain his excitement over Sony’s newest offering. “I use premium Netflix knowing that I can fully enjoy Sony BRAVIA’s 4K HDR technology. Watching Blu-rays on my 65-inch X9300D BRAVIA TV gives the best color intensity from the most dynamic black to brightness that the format can give. It’s also easy to access online videos with just one touch of a button. A cool standout feature that I love is the microphone that allows me to find and play videos easily,” he mused.

According to Quark, the HT-ST9 Hi-Res Audio Sound Bar is the icing on the cake where he plays everything from background music to HD movies. “The sounds are distinctly clear and crisp, and the bass booms with realism makes you feel like you are standing in a stadium or a concert hall. I enjoy it because even while playing video games I feel like I’m inside the world of the game, because the sound envelopes me. It provides that great cinematic experience, delivering the highest possible sound quality,” he shared.

Quark is also known amongst his friends to be a fun host of movie nights. According to him, if you’re planning a movie night at home, here are a few things to consider:
  1. Content – Find something fun to watch that you know everyone will enjoy.
  2. Good food and drinks – It is always better to have more of everything to avoid running out of things. Prepare enough food and drinks that are reachable to minimize those distracting moments of people ordering food or walking around and blocking the screen.
  3. Good home entertainment system – You need a reliable and great home entertainment system so that watching a movie becomes a mini-special event for you and your friends.

Providing the best ‘immersive’ home entertainment system to customers is important to Sony. As a company, the brands aspire to create more products that will excite the senses and take the viewing experience to the next level by integrating clear, crisp sounds and high resolution visuals.

Quark Henares testifies to this as the latest addition to the growing line up of Sony ambassadors. “I really love being part of the Sony family, and I am proud to say that they are part of my home and my every day routine. With the recent cool weather I decided to hangout in my balcony and listen to music through Sony’s Sound Bar. Later that evening over dinner, I watched streamed videos on my BRAVIA, and then caught up with the latest TV series with friends. Sony’s line up truly provides a 360-degree experience for me and complements my lifestyle,” said Henares.

“At Sony, we don’t compromise on sound and visuals. We provide our customers the best that technology can give with our ever-immersive home entertainment system. The latest Sony BRAVIA 4K HDR lineup and HT-ST9 are a result of our passion for ingenuity and giving the consumers what they want and more,” said Mr. Nobuyoshi Otake, President and Managing Director, Sony Philippines.

To learn more about the various home entertainment products spanning BRAVIA TVs and Sound Bars offered, visit the Sony Centres and Authorized Dealers across the country. For more information,, or follow

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