Thursday, February 9, 2017

Burgos Eats Redefines The Metros Dining Experience

My family really love eating together. True as they say "the family that eat together grow big together".  But kidding aside, our small family of three can still have some conflict with our cravings at times.  We would sometimes end up with doggy bags from a restaurant or fast food and dine in one place where at least ones cravings can be met. But this scenarios does not only happen with family members. Even eating out with friends or office mates can be a minor problem too.

Thursday last week, my co-foodie bloggers got a discovery to answer this dining conflicts... The Burgos Eats allows MGI, the largest casual dining operator in the country to go beyond their individual stores and create a venue where community of diners can interact with each other and some of the company’s loved food bands, such as Yellow Cab, Pancake House, Teriyaki Boy, Krispy Kreme and Jamba  Juice.

From the main entrance of Burgos Eats, you will find a nice long wooden dining set. It is good for at least twenty persons.  Actually, it can accommodate your big group or family. The sweet part of this new establishment is that you can all stay in one long table and order what you like from different restaurants. If the kids wish for pizzas, Yellow Cab is right at the corner. If mom and dad crave for something Japanese, Teriyaki Boy is at the other corner. Well, if grandpa and grandma wants some chicken and spaghetti, the Pancake House is just within your reach.

After getting satisfied with the main course of the meal, desserts should still have a room to give in to your sweet tooth, Krispy Kreme is also there just right beside Jamba Juice, that offers  healthy  smoothies. Now, we may call it a fusion of different dining experiences.

If you will notice, with the challenging lifestyle of today's urban Filipinos, everyday dining  experiences also become more dynamic and a lot more vibrant. Nowadays,we prefer a more convenient place where in our group can enjoy total customer satisfaction from the food we crave for, to being immersed in a more laid back atmosphere where each of us has the opportunity to engage in conversations.

Burgos Eats caters to the modern Filipino food culture by reinventing ordinary dining experiences to make it more fun and a lot more engaging.  The overall blueprint of the shared space dining establishment is designed for better interaction between brands and diners to prosper by allowing the space to become the epicenter of leisure and activity.

Understanding the urban Filipinos distinct dining preferences, Max’s Group , Inc. (MGI) is now venturing into a lifestyle hotspot that is Burgos Circle in Bonifacio Global City to introduce its pioneering shared space , multi-dining concept, Burgos Eats.

"We envision Burgos Eats to become a breath of fresh air in local casual dining scene and enrich the Filipinos’ dining tradition while catering to the country’s changing food culture,"says Jim T. Fuentebella, MGI’s Executive Director for Marketing.  It provides a convenient space for people to get and share ideas over a variety of good food within the buzzing district of Burgos Circle, a highly urbanized hub in the metro characterized  by a community of people leading multi- faceted cosmopolitan lifestyles.

Burgos Eats allows MGI, the largest casual dining operator in the country to go beyond their individual stores and create a venue where community of diners can interact with each other and some of the company’s loved food bands, such as Yellow Cab, Pancake House, Teriyaki Boy, Krispy Kreme and Jamba  Juice.

As off-mall dining experiences become more popular among various age groups in the country, the company feels that its recent foray into a culinary-lifestyle hub gives it an edge against the rest of competition.

A sense of diverse flavor, vibe, and interaction welcomes diners as one into Burgos Eats. Once inside, visitors will find themselves surrounded by the multiple yet distinct characteristics of MGI brands, the vibrant New York mood of Yellow Cab, the friendly Japaneses experience of Teriyaki  Boy, the joyful sweetness of Krispy Kreme treats, the

An even more interesting feautures of Burgos Eats is the freedom and the flexibility that diners can enjoy within the shared space.  Whenever they may be in any of the five MGI stores at the venue, customers can order whatever they want from all five restaurants without having to physically move from ne store to the next. An example would be ordering a smoothie from Jamba Juice without leaving the table in Pancake House, an innovative approach that gives the diners the chance to experience the diversity of dining experiences that MGI offers.

With this blueprint in mind, Burgos Eats transforms one's ordinary dining experience to curate a more intimate yet interactive urban dining experience.  With the rich mix of flavors and interaction.  Burgos Eats thus becomes an epicenter of leisure and activity that gives its community a momentary escapes from the buzz of the busy metro.

We got a chance to experience a food crawl at the Burgos Eats.  It's was a gastronomic day for us bloggers and our kids.

Here's a photo walk of our food crawl activities!

These are just few of the food that we ordered from different restaurants inside Burgos Eats. The other orders came in after another and another.  We shared all these at the long table located at the center of the establishment. I waited for my food from Teriyaki Boy. I love Japanese food! The kids got their food from Pancake House. 

After our heavy lunch, kids tried making their own choice of smoothie flavor. It was actually a delight to see them do a thing for themselves and that is to make their own drink.

Our last stop was at the all-time favorite Krispy Kreme. The one located in Bonifacio High Street. It was the very first KK store here in the Philippines. Now, newly renovated ready to serve! We we're welcomed and given a quick tour inside the store. Kids were able to make some designs on the own doughnut.

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